The Security in Technology

We are fortunate today that technology has made almost everything easily available. At the click of our fingers we can find information we need or make products function. Life is definitely so much more convenient with the advances that technology has brought into our lives.

Social media is one product of technological breakthroughs that we are all enjoying today. There seems no limit anymore to space and distance. It has bridged the gap wherever in the world our friends and relatives are. However, we must also exercise responsibility and discipline when using these products of technology as social media is engaging to a point of forgetting everyone and everything around us in the house and place of work. It takes away all our attention from reality and our focus is only in front of the computer screen.

Fortunately, other products of technology can help keep us safe even when we sometimes become too obsessed with the World Wide Web. The availability of security camera systems is one of the greatest advantages that technology has introduced to our lives. Security cameras whether used in the homes or offices are so beneficial for the security and convenience it offers.

In homes, security cameras allow us to see who's ringing our doorbells before we open our doors to them. It also gives us peaceful sleep at night as part of alarm systems that record movements within its radius. It can even be helpful for monitoring babies who are staying in another room away from parents. Other types of camera systems aside from detecting motion and recording it, have the capability to send the recorded images to an email or mobile phone that you have programmed in the system.

Creating Mobile Business Apps

You will find a wide range of things to consider whenever you're employing an Android app development company to build mobile business apps, whether you're considering things as an app programmer, or a business person who wishes to implement them throughout an organisation. Firstly, start small and then gradually integrate applications into day to day operations. Perform some analysis to learn what two to three mobile business apps tend to be most widely used and can have a significant impact on the earnings of your business. As soon as you integrate the effective use of these more frequently used apps your workers will start to accept this as the norm and appreciate the positive aspects.

From a designers point of view it is also vital to look at the positive aspects and functionality provided by mobiles. GPS, smartphone connectivity as well as readily accessible image and video capture are standard functionality on most mobiles and can be used along with an app to produce a much better experience. Make use of the inherent functionality and advantages offered on either a smartphone or tablet computer and make certain to create a mobile application to fit the sort of mobile device chosen.

Individualising the user experience is invariably a very important factor to consider whenever you're developing mobile business apps. This is true for enterprise and non-business applications. The individual needs to interact with the mobile application and have a desire to use it in an effort to take advantage of its potential. Look at how the individual will be able to interact with the application whenever and where they need to. Go further and produce an intelligent mobile application which will learn from a person's activity and then delivers a more tailored and appropriate experience for them by itself.

Multi Protocol Label Switching Introduction

Multi Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) is a mechanism that when added to a routed IP network allows packets to be switched in hardware at high speed. It is considered a Layer 2 technology, although in many circles it is referred to as Layer 2 and a half as it mainly functions between the Data-Link Layer and the Network Layer of the OSI Reference Model.

A number of vendors had similar but proprietary technologies that became the basis for MPLS, for instance Cisco had Tag Switching and IBM had similar technology known as ARIS (Aggregate Route Based IP Switching). In 1997 a working group was formed under the guidance of the IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force), and eventually the name MPLS was decided upon.

An MPLS label is a short 32 bit identifier which is used to switch packets within an MPLS domain. When used with ATM (Asynchronous Transfer Mode) the label replaces the VPI/VCI, and a similar situation occurs when MPLS is used with some other Data-Link Layer technologies such as X.25 and Frame Relay. When Multi Protocol Label Switching is used with Ethernet, PPP, FDDI or Token Ring, the 32-bit Label is inserted between the Data-Link Layer and Network Layer headers. A label used in this manner is often referred to as a 'Shim Label'. Labels are normally changed switch by switch as the packet traverses the LSD (Label Switched Domain), and this is where the term Label Swapping comes from.

The original concept of MPLS was to combine the intelligence of Layer 3 Routing with the speed of Layer 2 Switching in order to provide a high throughput of Layer 3 packets. The technology is maturing and packet flows with the same FEC (Forward Equivalence Class) can be switched across certain paths to afford that packet flow the appropriate Quality of Service.

Some Information About VPN


VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a private network which is working on existing public infrastructure by creating a tunnel secured by different tunneling protocols. To subscribe to VPN subscription, the user's system need to connect to a remote VPN server which is based in another country. All information is encrypted because of the secured tunnel before it is routed through the tunnel. Moreover, Its requires authentication which has secured by using different VPN protocols namely L2TP and IPSec.

This technology allows hide IP. Nobody can identify your IP as well as your geographical position cannot be found. In addition, all Internet traffic to the VPN server will be encrypted with the key sustainable, and to understand what sites you have visited, it will be impossible.

If we need to acquire a secure channel between our home computer and the Internet without the ISP then thanks to the VPN server that ISP cannot be monitor your stay online and your visited internet pages. ISP logs will only write about the connectivity to the server.

If you are in the particular place, and access to the certain site is closed for IP addresses from your country.

Types of VPN

Now, we will elaborate on various kinds of VPN along with their characteristics so that it would easy for us to select which kind of VPN meets our requirements holistically.


L2TP is an abbreviation of Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol. It provides no encryption by its own however, in its place uses the encryption of the protocol. Being an OSI Session Layer protocol, it is used as a layer 2 Tunnel. It uses Cisco's Layer 2 Forwarding (L2F) and also uses numerous types of Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP) VPN.

The Paradigm Shift in Mobile Apps Development

The mobile apps development market has changed at a rapid pace ever since the first Apple iPhone was launched and the change is expected to continue in the near future. The introduction of new technologies including but not limited to cloud computing, HTML5 as well as the continued advancement of mobile hardware is expected to facilitate further changes in the way software development companies approach mobile applications development. The starting point of this shifting paradigm is the introduction of hybrid apps i.e. mobile apps which include features of both HTML5-based web applications as well as native mobile applications.

Key HTML5 Features for Smart phone Applications and Related Benefits

The growth in use of HTML5-based applications is directly linked to the substantial increase in the availability of wireless internet connectivity. Moreover, the availability of relatively cheap data plans for mobile phones and rapid improvement in mobile hardware are expected to drive further changes in the smart phone apps market. HTML5-based web apps for touch mobiles allow rapid feature innovations, while enabling the operation of complex apps using an ordinary web browser. These capabilities allow software development companies to focus more on the specific application with less importance on developing specific and separate server pages.

Present day users are not satisfied with just having applications that work, they demand applications which provide an enriching user experience along with a responsive, intuitive and user friendly UI. These users also demand more and more customization options, which can only be delivered using HTML5. The emphasis on web-based cloud dependent applications is already on the rise even though some companies have barred users from using a few leading cloud apps citing corporate data security concerns. These and other apps which provide a web-based alternative to native apps are definitely the future of mobile apps development.

A Few Features of Club Management Software

If you are running a health club business, you will definitely want it to grow. With the help of effective club management software, you can easily reach your business goals. Managing a fitness parlour is not a one man show. You need manpower to set up a formidable management for the club. On the flipside, installing studio management software can take the work responsibility of HR, Admin, Accountant and even the Marketing Manager. Yes, this is an "all in one" IT application that can offer you overall management of your club business.

In this article, we are about to explore some of the best features of this IT solution. Let's have a look:

• Managing the Members: This is one of the most important tasks in a service providing industry. When you commit to offer best services to your clients, you will have to keep your word; otherwise the membership retention will be hampered. After installing club management software, it will be easier for you to manage members.

• E commerce: The software must have features of e-commerce that will help to receive fees online from the existing members. If the members are facing some difficulties, those are stored in the complaint box of the IT application. Besides, the software stores a database, where all the details of clients are saved along with back up services.

• Managing Payrolls: It is important to take care of your staff as well. Along with other managerial skills, these IT applications are also featured with service facilities of HR operations. This is why; with the help of this technology you can possibly make the payrolls of the existing staff in your company (health club business). Just like the clients, another database of the employees is also maintained by these IT applications. This database is also attached with the biometric device to denote attendance of the staff in your company.